6 Email marketing mistakes that you should correct now

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In the digital world, looking for online strategies to increase the visibility of our business is very necessary. One of the most popular strategies is email marketing or mass mailing to promote your products. This strategy can be very effective, but only if you take into account the email marketing mistakes that you should avoid.

Email marketing was born after the popularization of email at the end of the 90s. The reception of a new form of communication caused many businesses to see it as an opportunity to promote products.

The use of email became popular with the beginning of the new millennium; thousands of businesses used email marketing to make themselves known and spread attractive promotions. Everything changed when the inboxes were filled with thousands of emails and began to be classified as spam.

This caused new problems in email marketing that could harm our strategy, but that can be overcome by making good use of this branch of digital marketing and paying attention to details, something vital in this type of strategy.

If you are not careful when considering this strategy, you can achieve the opposite effect that is desired and end up worsening the image of your brand. Therefore, you must know what to do and what not to do when you decide to implement email marketing actions.

One of the best-known and most effective strategies in email marketing consists of creating a newsletter. If you are content with your interest and have given your consent to receive it, you will avoid being marked as spam.

In this article, you will see 6 email marketing mistakes that you should correct.

There are six email marketing mistakes to avoid.

There are 6 email marketing mistakes to avoid, but the ones we are going to see are the most “unforgivable”. To see if you are “putting the shrimp” in your strategy, ask yourself the questions that I propose below:

6 email marketing mistakes to avoid
  • Do I plan my shipments?
  • Do I buy databases?
  • Can I segment my mailing lists correctly?
  • Do I personalize my emails?
  • Do I write the subject of the email randomly?
  • Am I using the right tool?

The most severe blunders are directly related to these questions. Now all that remains is to take note of these email marketing mistakes. There they go!

1. Not planning the mailing

When developing an email marketing strategy, it is important to do good planning of the objectives, the sending dates, and the contents of each email. Planning your strategy will help you carefully review every detail to make your campaigns more effective.

Not planning your emails is one of the most common mistakes to avoid in email marketing. If you are looking for a long-term email marketing plan, you can do annual content planning.

Keeping this in mind will make your content more relevant and the recipients more interested in your offers. But the annual planning must be accompanied by a constant review of the content and the topics to be discussed to continue to be relevant.

With the appearance of social networks, the way to access news has become faster. Therefore, being aware of the trends in these networks is vital in any marketing strategy.

Combining these trends within the email marketing strategy makes the content more relevant, which will cause the recipient to show greater interest in the email.

2. Buy databases

Desperate moments do not require desperate measures. Although it may be tedious at first to get a list of contacts to direct our emails to, the worst thing you can do is buy contact lists to send them your advertising.

If you are going to have an effective email marketing strategy, you must make sure that your products are interesting to the recipients. Otherwise, you would be absurdly exposing yourself to being blacklisted by spam filters.

In many cases, these databases are built by the carelessness of people who accept without reading the data processing policies of some pages and later sell that information to third parties.

Buying databases is one of the mistakes to avoid in email marketing. It may seem like a tempting option, but there is a high probability that the result will be disastrous.

3. Do not segment the contact list.

Anyone who doesn’t know how email marketing works would take their contact list and send the same offer to everyone, but this is a serious mistake. The contacts may receive the mail, but since it is not information of interest to them, you may lose a lot of contacts.

You may believe that the people who subscribe to your newsletter have the same tastes and interests, but this is not the case. Therefore, I believe this is one of the big mistakes to avoid in email marketing.

Imagine having an online store for buying mattresses and bed accessories. Among the contacts, we have a young university student who has bought a pillow and a bedding set that cost him €150. In the same list, we have a 45-year-old man who has bought a bed with a mattress, duvet, pillow, and bedding set for €850.

Both are part of the same database and both have bought from us before. However, their interests, their age, and their economic capacity are different, so sending the same mail to both of them would mean that one of them would not be interested in the received mail.

Segmenting your database into population groups according to characteristics such as those mentioned above will help you make your email marketing campaigns much more effective.

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4. Do not personalize content.

Currently, customer loyalty depends on the customer’s relationship with the product and their relationship with the brand. If you feel identified with the brand, it is more likely that you will continue buying it.

Therefore, personalizing content is a very effective way to build customer loyalty. By bringing the client closer to the brand and making him feel that we are writing directly to him. You will make him feel special and he will decide to continue the relationship.

How do we get it? If we have a list of 150 contacts, writing 150 personalized emails can take a lot of time. So it is not a viable option. Contacting in a customized way is important, but so is your time.

Again, the key is in the segmentation of our contact list. If the segmentation has been done correctly, we will have several blocks of contacts with very similar characteristics.

By crafting a mailing for each of your contacts, you’ll be able to approach personalization and impact much more effectively. Not personalizing content is one of the mistakes to avoid in email marketing if you want to achieve good results.

5. Don’t worry about the sender and subject.

How many times have you ignored messages from a strange sender or with an irrelevant subject? When you are making your email marketing strategy, you must think like the recipient.

That is, the recipient would be interested in the email you sent just by seeing it in their inbox. Some of the most common mistakes have to do with simple oversights like the sender and subject line.

Perhaps you may regard this as irrelevant, though I trust it is not. You must not forget that these two elements are like the business card of an email; they are what is going to encourage or not the recipient to read you.

Identifying yourself is vital, either as a person or a company, so that the recipient is clear about who has written to him. If you have obtained that contact without buying a database, the recipient will most likely be receptive to your email if he can identify your company.

The subject line is also an important detail to pay close attention to. Anti-spam filters have certain words that directly identify spam. If you put words like “Great deal!” or “Promotion” in the subject, the filters may detect it and it may never open.

6. Wrong choice of platform

Email marketing is a form of mass communication. Therefore, doing all the work manually can be a tedious task and, of course, a great waste of time.

At the time email marketing was born, it was very common for mass mailing to be done manually, but after several decades of evolution, reality has changed, so sending emails one by one is no longer necessary.

Today, some platforms help us send and know if the content that will be sent is optimized and will not be detected by anti-spam filters. These tools make the job of email marketing much easier.

There are many platforms to choose from. Which one should you use? The best thing is that you choose the one that offers you a complete service for your email marketing strategy, which not only sends the emails but also helps you analyze the effectiveness of your strategy.


Best email marketing providers

There are several on the market that offer this already in their free version, so you should assess which platform best suits your project and your needs.

This decision can be decisive in identifying mistakes to avoid in email marketing and possible improvements for future strategies, so don’t be in a hurry to choose! You should prolong the decision-making as necessary to ensure that you make the wrong decision.


If you want to grow your email marketing, then you must consider these 6 email marketing mistakes. By avoiding common mistakes, you can target your audience far more effectively. While doing the next email campaign, consider these 6 email marketing mistakes.

I hope you like the 6 email marketing mistakes you should avoid. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below. I will be very happy to answer your question.

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