7 steps for email marketing that will increase your sales

7 steps for Email Marketing
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We will look deeply into the 7 steps for email marketing that will increase your sales and you will get the best ROI. In today’s world, every business is going online, and email marketing plays a very important role. To do the best email marketing, you need to follow some tips and tricks.

In this article, our main focus is on the 7 steps of email marketing that you have to follow while doing an email marketing campaign. These 7 steps of email marketing will help you.

What I’m talking about?

Of the clearing of the role and importance of email marketing against the still demonstrable effectiveness of social networks.

I get it. It’s normal. I also suffered from this condition. For a time, it seemed that there was nothing else but social platforms. However, I realized in time that what gives results, that is, customers and income, is email marketing. 

Because while social networks monopolized the spotlight, unsuccessful online marketing and email marketing continued with their work, constant and without fail, since their appearance.

Let’s dive deep into the 7 steps for email marketing that will increase your sales.

Why are you interested in email marketing compared to other channels?

An email is a form of direct marketing that persists despite digital innovations. Not even social networks have been able to unseat it as the most effective way to reach the target audience.

One of its many advantages is that it is attraction marketing and not push marketing. It shows you where customers spend their time, which, sadly for all of us, is our inbox, instead of asking them to find you!

On the other hand, and unlike other forms of online marketing, email can feel like a personal conversation, increasing the emotional bond between the user and the brand, a key factor for the success of any company in this new economy.

Should we forget that whoever subscribes to your list is raising their hand and expressly asking for more news from you? They expect and want to hear from you!

Thus, establishing regular email contact with your prospects allows you to sell and make offers naturally.

In addition, its ridiculous cost and its potential benefits make online marketing a must for any company.

Other advantages that we must not forget are the ability to modify campaigns on the fly, the ability to accurately monitor metrics and results, the ability to calculate the exact return on investment, and the ability to create highly segmented and personalized campaigns.

However, few companies know how to apply email marketing effectively.

Then I will name the 7 steps necessary to apply email marketing that sells:

Why are you interested in email marketing

1. Identify your ideal client.

One of the most important elements of having business clarity is knowing who your ideal client is since everything revolves around him/her. It is what it does and will make your company flow and have greater profitability.

Create the archetype of your ideal client. Name it and describe it in detail. Get inside your mind: what are your most secret fears, wishes, desires, and ambitions? Direct your message and write directly to your ideal client.

Action plan:

Spend a couple of hours thinking about and outlining the archetype of your ideal client. Write it down on a document and describe it on a socioeconomic and psychological level.

When you talk about his dreams, hopes, and fears, write them in the first person, as if you were him or her.

2. Connect emotionally with your ideal client.

I’ll tell you a secret: people buy things driven by emotions. It is later when they justify the purchase with rational arguments.

Everything, absolutely everything, is an emotional decision. Ultimately, it is to be handsome and sexy; be healthy; have status; earn money; have love; protect or not lose money; have health and love; have time, and also be happy. which is not little…

All these are deep emotions that nobody recognizes but that are latent and present in every purchase and decision.

Action plan:

Analyze what your product or service ultimately offers. Name its benefits and answer a hypothetical customer’s question, “Why should I care?” Keep asking yourself until you find the last essential emotion.

Filter the brushstrokes of these emotions in your message. The reader will feel alluded to and understood. He will know that you understand and can help.

3. Develop exceptional content for email

One of the keys that determines customer acquisition is exceptional content. It is with this that you convince your prospect to invest money in your product or service.

Exceptional content is content that fascinates, inspires, informs, reaches out differently, and challenges the reader. It is not complacent with its followers but has its criteria.

Don’t be afraid to polarize. The worst thing that can happen to you is that they remain indifferent to your message.

You do not have to have extensive articles. Quite the contrary. People’s satisfaction is determined by the implementation capacity and results obtained as a result of your advice. They can be short emails where you advise on something immediately applicable, and useful, and that gives results.

Action Plan:

Create an excel sheet and think of 25 topics you can write about. Think about the questions they always ask you, about the information they should learn (that is of interest to them) to train them.

Always remember to create content aimed at the archetype of your ideal client.

Depending on your products or services, what topics can you write about whose ideal solution is precisely what you offer?


4. Develop and dominate email copywriting skills.

The subject of your emails is one of the most important parts of your mail. They are the key that keeps them reading. It doesn’t matter how good your article is if they don’t read it! And if they don’t read it, there are no sales.

People are very tough already. So now you must be even better! No more bland headlines. You must know how to arouse enough curiosity so that they click and read your message.

Copywriting is not limited to headlines. It covers aspects such as the strategic composition of texts, the choice of words that trigger actions, the hierarchy of information, or even its design and visual layout.

Everything is studied, and true professionals optimize each word to the millimeter to increase the conversion rate.

Action plan:

Look at the subjects of the emails you open. For inspiration and examples, create a document where you gather the best headlines. Analyze why you opened those emails and commit to studying copywriting and analyzing the results.

5. Increase your list in your marketing actions.

In email marketing, although the quality of your subscribers is paramount, the size of your list is also crucial. Your revenue volume is directly proportional if done right, to the size of your list. That is why it is so important to increase your list while ensuring that as many people as possible open and read your email.

It doesn’t matter the size of your company or how established and important you are. You always want to reach more people and get more subscribers because it is in the privacy of your newsletter that you will convert them into customers.

Action plan:

Insert the subscription form on your website. Believe it or not, the most important function of this is to capture leads and convert visits into subscribers.

Design your hook with your ideal customer’s greatest desire in mind.

Increase your list in your marketing actions

6. Segment and personalize in email

In order not to burn your list and to have greater efficiency in your mailings, create your campaigns according to the preferences of your subscribers.

You can define these preferences in the subscription form (without going overboard with the fields to fill in), or you can create different lists for those interested in products, events, and special launches.

Office Autopilot and Infusionsoft allow you to put labels according to the history of each subscriber, whether or not they have purchased any of your products or services. Aweber and Mailchimp also allow you to add tags, but only manually.

As your company grows, you will need more powerful and complete software that includes CRM. Try to change as little as possible, as you will lose subscribers in the process.

Action plan:

This is a more advanced topic, and I don’t want to confuse you. When you choose an email marketing provider, make sure it allows you to:

  • Create different lists
  • segment based on subscriber activity.
  • Create subgroups
  • Label
  • Create autoresponders
  • personalize it with your name.
  • Schedule shipments
  • Design the email to your liking.

If you don’t have a provider yet, you can start with the best email marketing providers like Mailchimp or Aweber.

Increase graph

7. Be constant in email marketing

And finally, the 7 steps of email marketing are without ceasing to be of great importance. We have perseverance. Constancy is what separates the professional from the amateur. It is the key to success in life and especially in business.

Most of the people who do not get results in their email marketing do so because they are not consistent in their sending or have the will to improve and be exceptional.

You can’t send a couple of emails and disappear for three months. You can’t get overwhelmed after a few weeks and also not study how you can improve it.

I know it’s hard to achieve inertia, but believe me, once you have it, it’s like a train that picks up speed.


I hope you like the 7 steps for email marketing that will increase your sales. Use these tips and tricks while doing the email marketing campaign. Apply these 7 steps to your email marketing and move your business to the next level.

If you have any questions regarding these 7 steps for email marketing, then feel free to comment below.

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