8 Simple e-commerce email marketing tips for more sales

8 Simple e-commerce Email marketing
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In this article, we will learn 8 simple e-commerce email marketing tips for more sales. By applying all these 8 simple e-commerce email marketing tips and tricks, you can boost your sales. Also, you can improve your conversions and decrease your bounce rate. Keep reading to learn more about 8 simple e-commerce email marketing tips.

Nowadays, everything has changed (and what remains to change…).

Although I “live” on new technologies (or precisely because of them), I firmly believe that we are oversaturated with information from all sides (starting with our email inbox). And the only thing we receive in the mailbox is either electricity or water bills, or advertising for any local business.

And when I say information, I mean all the information (the ones that work and the ones that don’t). If we don’t know how to eat a good diet of information, a lot of it will make us waste time and not focus on what matters to us.

That is why in this article I would like to propose some guidelines (or best practices) to have a greater possibility of not going unnoticed by your consumers. We will learn 8 e-commerce email marketing tips that will skyrocket your online business.

Let’s deep dive into 8 simple e-commerce email marketing tips for more sales.

An Email Marketing Strategy

Above all, and in this case, to be able to attract someone’s attention. You have to put yourself in their place. Put yourself in their place. All you have to do is relive any of your days as a consumer by checking your email.

Maybe right now you do it unconsciously, but how many newsletter emails can you receive in a week?

In my case, even trying to take to the letter the thing about unsubscribing from newsletters that no longer interest me, I think that in a week I might receive about 20 or 30 emails of this type (not counting those that go directly to the spam folder).

And what does all this translate into?

If you are guided by the typical, you will create the typical email. The typical destination in the inbox of your clients is the trash.

And above all, although we are going to see it in detail below, think about the frequency.

Do not think that by bombarding your customers or leads with emails. You will have more opportunities to convince them to buy from you (quite the contrary).

Let’s get started with 8 simple e-commerce email marketing tips for more sales.

8 Simple e-commerce Email marketing

1. Characteristics of an effective email

like a good traditional letter or an essay for a university project. A good email must have a series of elements that give it a certain order, clarity, and structure.


Starting with being as personalized as possible (we see it below). Having a clear and unique message (through the famous call to action).

Call to action

The call to action (CTA) is so important because, as consumers, we need to be told what to do.

In other words, if someone receives an email from you and does not see a “clear” button, and you say “buy your shirt here,” there are many chances that they do not “know” that they have to go to the website to buy the shirt.

That’s why a clear and simple call to action button is very important in every email marketing campaign to get more sales and conversions.

The visual

Other good elements to add are icons, gifs, or highly visual illustrations. That helps understand the email message in the shortest time possible. 

(Not to be confused with putting icons on your social networking sites. which I at least do not recommend in emails, since they take attention away from the main message).

For images or videos, you can use Canva. It is software where you can create high-quality images and videos for your business. I also use Canva for my business. It is the best and most popular website and app for images and videos.

Increase graph

Nice colors

For more pure marketing issues, use pleasant colors, unless your purpose is not to use pleasant colors, for whatever reason.

Add colors according to your business.

Well-written text

Take great care of the body of the email (the copy) and review it a hundred times so as not to make any spelling mistakes or miss any unnecessary typosYou could even create a bit of a sense of urgency in the message, but don’t go overboard.

An example of how not to do it, which makes me very happy, is that of a website that sells prints on canvas, t-shirts, mugs, etc. They send me emails with “only today” or “super offer”, etc., a minimum of 2 times a week, and always with very low prices.

This makes me think that the “real” prices are their offers, and they bombard all their customers with such hooks.

What I want to say is that, in the end, you see the duster. If your strategy is not quite good enough, or you try to sell what is not

At an optimal time.

although it is no longer as effective since everyone already does it. Try to send your mailing campaigns at an optimal time.

This optimal time is when most of your customers are in front of their mobiles or computers and want to read a little or “procrastinate” with anything.

And when is this time? It’s around 10 in the morning for most stores and businesses, which is when (in theory). We have more energy and the body has the highest caffeine rush (so we have a greater feeling of happiness and more money we want to spend).

In this section, I speak in general terms for common customers.

Only you can determine more or less the optimal time to send your emails. It depends on the product or service you sell.


2. You also need customization and automation.

I assume that you fully understand that an email that begins with “dear customer” is not going to attract your attention even remotely.

Even by personalization, I don’t mean just an email that says “Hello Vishal” (Vishal being your name).

By personalization, I mean a system that recognizes certain customer patterns and has several automatic “triggers” that send an email with very particular content.

For example, if you have entered a website where you buy regularly, and you have been looking at dress shoes, and you have added them to the cart, but you have not bought any, 

The personalization I am talking about in this case would be after about three days. You will receive an email with a 10% coupon valid for 24 hours to buy dress shoes on the website.

It sounds like things from spies or from the evil Google that has been created to know your darkest tastes in dress shoes. But later in this article, “8 simple e-commerce email marketing tips for more sales.” I will tell you about a very good tool that achieves this type of automatic customization.

We are talking about automation. It is very convenient for you to embrace this concept and this way of working.

Unless you have only 20 clients and take care of them in an extremely personal way. It will be quite difficult and uncomfortable to personalize the emails. One by one for your clients.

But since you already know this because it is obvious, we move on to the next point.

3. Segment your customers

Whether you already have customers who have bought a product or service from you (so you will have their email). Or if you have leads who have filled out a subscription form for your newsletter, It is advisable to have some organization with the list of emails that you have at hand.

For example, to understand it easily, segmentation could be “men, women”; another segmentation could be “leads, clients”. Another could be “interested in web maintenance, interested in SEO, interested in social networks”.

Here it depends again on what you sell or offer, but the ideal is to know how to “close”. That’s a wide range of emails. to personalize emails even more accurately.

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4. An email for every occasion

In this section, I wanted to mention some examples of automated emails that you should have to increase the chances of success in terms of sales on your website.

Keep in mind that these emails are so powerful that if they are not received, the customer often has a feeling of “but have I done it right?” Why didn’t I get anything?

Imagine again that it is you who performs any of these actions, and reflect on whether it makes sense to automate this type of email and why.

  • Send an email when a user registers, welcoming them (even offering a welcome discount coupon).
  • Send an email confirming that a form has been filled out and/or the specific question has been received and that it will be answered shortly.
  • You can send an email to the person who has recommended you through an affiliate system and tell them that someone has registered on your website through their affiliate link (we will see it later).
  • Send an email to confirm the purchase of a service or product.
  • Send a reminder email when leaving a full cart but without completing the purchase process.
  • You can send an email when saving a product to the wish list.
  • Send an email when a user has not had any activity on your website for a long time. (An email of the type “we miss you”).
  • Send a thank you email, by surprise or for any reason (for example, at Christmas or when you reach 10,000 fans on Facebook).

As you can see, these are emails that are always appreciated. At the same time, they work as super polite and friendly customer service agents.

5. Coupons and Hot Deals

Perhaps this is the section that is most used by everyone because it is the one that directly offers you the most possibilities of increasing sales.

But of course, remember that the frequency with which they are sent comes into play, as well as the quality of the content.

If you are lucky and the client or lead opens one of these types of emails, you can jump for joy, since the rate of opening them is very low.

The emails that have good offers (and are not “hook” type offers as we mentioned above) or events such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, etc., would go here (although keep in mind that these are hundreds a day in your customer’s tray).

Certain inventions have worked better than expected, such as the Day without VAT.

Why not invent something yourself? Yes, any test that you do always comes with a measurement of statistics to be able to evaluate the results!

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6. Those wonderful affiliates

I could write hundreds of lines on the subject of affiliates (people who recommend your website through a personalized link to friends and family, and if they buy something on your website, the affiliate will receive a small percentage of that sale).

Affiliates are very effective if your website is well known or if you have a valuable product that is worth recommending.

7. Emotional Emails

In this penultimate of the 8 simple e-commerce email marketing strategies, I also highly recommend playing, especially with emails that evoke some kind of emotion (obviously good emotions or those related to your product or service!).

From the previous “We miss you” and a GIF of the Shrek cat in the body of the email, accompanied by a discount coupon for the next purchase, to “Are you going on vacation this year?” the thieves don’t. If you sell alarms, or “Don’t touch me with those cold hands” (if you sell gloves) …

They are a bit of a silly example, but that way you understand perfectly what I want to convey.

Make a list of emotions that may be related to the product or service you sell, and use your imagination!

8. And never forget these sub-tips.

These 8 simple e-commerce email marketing tips are subdivided into several tips that, although I write them at the end of this article, do not have to be less important.

These are tips that are taken for granted, but you always have to remember that they are fundamental (like putting on your seat belt in the car).

  • Make your email list grow, but always with quality and verified contacts.
  • Clean up your email list. Surely, many contacts do not give you anything.
  • Ask your subscribers questions from time to time, on any topic. You do not have to try to sell them something in every email you send them.
  • Try the affiliates (if you don’t already).
  • Don’t forget to analyze the statistics of the email campaigns you run (open rate, visits to your website from a specific email campaign, etc.).
  • Respect your customers; make it easy for them to unsubscribe from your list. In the long run, it will benefit you since they don’t want to keep receiving your emails and you don’t want to waste time trying to sell something to someone who isn’t interested.

Email marketing automation software

In today’s world of email marketing software, there is so much software available that we need to choose software according to our needs.

I prefer automation tools like GetResponse, MailChimp, Systeme.io, and SendinBlue. These are the most popular programs. They have a wide range of tools and you will get them at the best price.

If you are new to email marketing and don’t know which software is perfect for you, then you can choose SendinBlue. It provides a free trial so you can first try it and then decide.

SendinBlue is the most popular and most powerful software. It has a lot of tools like A/B testing, email marketing, and email automation, so you can do email marketing smoothly.

Learn more about email marketing tools by clicking on the link below.

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Now we know 8 simple e-commerce email marketing tips for more sales. Apply all these 8 simple e-commerce email marketing tips to boost your sales. All these tips are important to moving your online business to the next level.

I hope you like these 8 simple e-commerce email marketing tips for more sales. If you have any questions, then feel free to comment below.

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