8 worst email marketing mistakes you should avoid in 2022

8 worst email marketing mistakes
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Due to its low cost, promoting products and services through email is usually a positive strategy for companies. However, without a strategy behind it, poor execution can have negative consequences.

We still have a lot to learn about digital marketing, and we will witness important changes in the coming years regarding the behavior of users and their “digital life.” 

Consumers know that those of us who do online marketing or cloud platforms have data and tools that allow for personalized messages. And that is what they demand.

By reaching the exact audience, we are not only more efficient in terms of investment and return. But we also avoid contaminating the communication between the brand and the client by sending irrelevant or excessive information.

One of the great disadvantages of email marketing is that it is a simple, massive, and cheap tool. This means every time we need to communicate. To reach a goal or achieve sales and conversions, the solution is to send an email to the entire database.

However, with more than two decades of experience, we continue to make the same mistakes. In this article, we look at the 8 worst email marketing mistakes you should avoid.

More exposure is not always more sales, and we end up running out of opportunities. 

Those who understand what I am talking about know that, with a little time and the right tools, we can take advantage of two fundamental characteristics: segmentation and personalization.

More exposure is not always more sales

Segmentation is not about separating men and women or children from adults.

We must know the interests of our consumers, their tastes, and their context. If it is not data that we already have, we can obtain it by analyzing behavior in future communications.

We have segmented the list according to their needs and what they are looking for. By segmenting the email list, you can focus on the right audience. By understanding the needs and interests of the audience, you can create a list, making it easier to target.

To segment the list, you need to understand your customer. It can be done by asking customers for feedback or asking questions about their buying behaviors.

Once you can identify the customer, you can create a list based on them.

Email marketing mistake: Playing at the right time. 

Email marketing has the advantage that I can contact my audience whenever I want. But learning what time is the most opportune is part of segmentation. Transactional messages are based on triggering messages according to changes in the user’s characteristics that the user performs, called triggers.

Increase graph

What is the best day and time to send emails? 

There is no right answer to this question because everyone’s email preferences and work schedules are different. But consider some points, like sending emails at an off-peak time. Or sending emails in the morning and evening or sending emails at weekends.

We must learn from our business and the reactions of our consumers to refine these points. More than 45% of people read emails from smartphones, and this is where the need to arrive at the right time or be “eliminated” is maximized.

Always try to test the email campaign before sending it to a large audience.

The Open Rate (OR, or “read rate”) does not determine the success of my campaigns.

We must put all variables in the context of our communication. If my contact frequency is high, for example, more than three times a week, I cannot average the OR, but we must do a cross-report by user/time and take a weekly or monthly average.

Another worst email marketing mistake is that you are not using the best email marketing provider. Below are the best and most popular email marketing providers.

Email marketing mistake: Personalizing the message.

The recipient must feel that the message was written for him. using variables such as last contact or purchase date, sender or executive, and themes depending on the instance. In the life cycle of purchase or relationship, these are elements that make a personalized message.


Try not to tackle desperate strategies or separate channels.

Each communication channel or touchpoint (social networks, email, apps, sites, etc.) has its characteristics. An omnichannel strategy cannot always be tackled due to time and budget issues. It is better to choose, persevere, and learn about one thing rather than try to be everywhere at once.

Do not measure isolated numbers.

We cannot determine the success or failure of an action based on a number or ratio. We must group our actions into a complete campaign and analyze variables such as the audience that participated vs. times. contacted, since which device first opened the message, contact engagement throughout the campaign, new contacts, or activated users.

Other 8 worst email marketing mistakes

  1. sending too many emails at a time.
  2. not send welcome emails.
  3. Not adding a call to action.
  4. forgot to use a responsive design.
  5. not sending professional messages.
  6. not using a fresh email list.
  7. sending emails irregularly.
  8. not including images.

You can also refer to these 8 worst email marketing mistakes and try to avoid them. This will help in your next email campaign.

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The secret of email marketing is to hit the frequency, segmentation, and content of our actions. It’s different for every industry and business, and it’s achieved by combining personalization, transactional messaging, mass action, and relevant content. 

This takes some time, and it is essential to have a tool that allows us to organize and get to know our contacts to optimize marketing and communication efforts by learning from their behavior.

Email marketing continues to be, after several years, one of the strategies with the highest return on investment. It allows us to always reach the right audience. Since we start from our database and with information from each of our clients or users,

I hope you like the 8 worst email marketing mistakes you should avoid in 2022. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below.

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