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Best email marketing strategies for success in 2022

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We hope that this article on best email marketing strategies will serve as an initial roadmap for all those entrepreneurs who are going to start their email marketing campaigns. As a guide to solving possible errors for those who are already with them but are not obtaining the expected results.

Before using this medium to promote our products or services, we must analyze if our offer fits into this type of medium and if the target we are addressing is attainable with email marketing.

Once we are clear that it may be convenient for us to carry out email campaigns, we are going to review the basic points to take into account before sending our newsletters.

In this article, you will learn the five best email marketing strategies for the success of your business. Also, grow your business using these five best email marketing strategies.

1. Achieve a well-segmented and efficient database

When we say get, we are not talking about buying it. This should never be done since, legally, we must comply with anti-spam, data protection, and electronic communications regulations. 

In Spain, for example, the LOPD and LSSI, but in general, at an international level, we will not be able to send mass newsletters to any email that has not previously requested to receive our newsletters. 

Therefore, we must create the database by our means, with portals where we give added value and where our target audience can register, do telemarketing to obtain contacts, go to specialized agencies, hire co-registration providers, etc. Another option is to rent shipments to suppliers that already have a database of our target audience.

But one thing must always be clear: the database that we create or rent must be segmented and as limited as possible to the type of client to whom we want to direct the offer. 

Going for a high volume of mailings without segmenting is always a mistake because we will be investing a lot of resources and a lot of money to obtain a very poor result at the response rate level.

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2. Basic provider technical standards

At a technical level, a series of rules must be met in order not to be filtered by anti-spam systems:

  1. The sender must always be identified and the account used must be real and run on a private domain (do not use Gmail, Hotmail, or similar).
  2. The body of the message must include the possibility of unsubscribing or unsubscribing; a legal note that indicates how the email was obtained; a data protection policy page; and a declaration of willingness to respect all anti-spam regulations and current regulations.
  3. The IPS or servers that we use for mailing must be authorized in the SPF record of the sender domain. 
  4. The newsletter must meet basic HTML design standards that prevent it from being identified as spam. Specifically,
  5. We must use a delivery system specifically designed to send mass mailings with all guarantees.

3. What should the matter be?

The subject is the first thing subscribers to our mail will see and should encourage their opening. We must try to make the subject refer to some aspect of the offer and that it provokes a need to open the mail to complete the information that we are advancing.

Always avoid the following mistakes when sending out email marketing campaigns: Let’s look at the email marketing strategies that we have to follow.

  1. The use of capital letters except for the first letter and proper names.
  2. Never send an email without a subject.
  3. Do not use exclamation marks or currency symbols.
  4. Avoid commercial claims of the type, “super discount, offer, free, etc.”
  5. Never use a single word within the subject.
  6. Do not use excessively long subjects.

If you avoid these mistakes in your email marketing, then you will get the best ROI. If you want to learn what mistakes you should avoid in email marketing, then you can refer to our article, “The 8 worst email marketing mistakes you should avoid in 2022.


4. Newsletter design: How do we convey our message well?

A newsletter should have a design that allows the offer to be quickly identified by the subscriber (within 3–4 seconds of a single glance). Calls to action, such as links, must also be visible.

We should not try to fit everything our company does into a single bulletin. The messages should be one or two and go to the point in your email.

Unnecessary information that does not contribute anything must be eliminated from the email, and try to focus on the competitive advantages and benefits of the offer.

We must not abuse the styles to highlight unnecessary things. Make sure your main points are in bullet points so the reader can easily read them.

We must avoid using too many or very large images, especially at the beginning, to avoid distracting the recipient of our offer. Never include unnecessary decorative images.

5. Use a quality shipping provider.

Finally, to guarantee that our newsletter will reach its destination, we must use a guarantee provider. It is always necessary to opt for systems that guarantee, at least, the following:

  1. They have their own shipping platforms with guaranteed data centers in the EU.
  2. Be members of RIPE and have control over the ranges of IPs used for shipments.
  3. Meet the requirements of Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, etc., and anti-spam systems by having cooperation agreements signed with them.
  4. You should have an effective 24/7 support service that allows you to manage any possible incident.

6. Clean up your email marketing list regularly.

The next email marketing strategy is cleaning your email list. A cleaning list is a process that deletes or removes all email addresses that are not engaging with your content and also removes all contacts who unsubscribe from it.

When you remove unwanted contacts from your list, you can save your money and you will get the best return on investment (ROI). You will get fewer bounces in an email marketing campaign. It improves email deliverability.

What is the bounce rate? and how to avoid it? For this, refer to our article, Bounces in email marketing and how to avoid them

Email Marketing Strategies

7. Use the best email marketing providers.

Choosing the best email marketing provider is also the best strategy because when you use the best and most popular email marketing providers, you will get most of the key features that are very important for email marketing.

You need to choose the best email marketing provider. If you want to learn about how to choose the best email marketing provider then you can refer to our article, 4 tips for choosing the right email marketing provider.

There are so many different options available in marketing. For your convenience, I have mentioned some of the best email marketing providers.

  • GetResponse
  • Aweber
  • GMass
  • MailChimp

8. Add a call to action button in the email.

The call to action button can affect the click-through rates of your emails. When you add a call to action button, visitors are likely to click on it, and consequently, you will get more clicks and sales.

Experiment with your call-to-action button and try to focus on attracting more sales through CTAs. An attractive call to action button can increase your sales. So make sure to add a call to action button to every email.


Now you’ve got email marketing strategies. Apply all these strategies to your next email marketing campaign and see the results. This can take some time, but if you practice more and more, you will master it.

If you are looking for the best and most popular email marketing provider, then is the best provider. It provides key features like email automation, A/B testing, and many more.

I hope you like these email marketing strategies. If you have any questions regarding these strategies or any other problems in email marketing, then feel free to comment below.

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