Bounces in email marketing and how to avoid them?

How to make email marketing more effective for businesses
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Bounces in email marketing can be caused by many things. We will look deeply into bounces. There are a few things you must consider while avoiding bounces in email marketing so you can improve your ROI.

Email marketing is becoming increasingly important in digital marketing. The percentage of emails that lack interaction or response from their recipients is known as the bounce rate. Their presence must be minimal, always below 2%. What can we do to achieve it? 

The first type of bounce in email marketing is a hard bounce, and the second is a soft bounce. In this article, we will look at bounces in email marketing and how to avoid them.

In this article, we will look at bounces in email marketing and how to avoid them.

What is the email bounce rate?

Email bounces are the percentage of email addresses in a list that did not receive email because the recipient server returned them. Bounces happen when emails are not reaching the recipient.

However, bounces can have a low Return On Investment (ROI). It is a waste of time and effort.

Bounce Classes in Email Marketing

different between soft bounce and hard bounce

We have to differentiate between

  • Hard bounces: They are those shipments that can never be delivered to their recipients. Possible causes: a wrong email address, a deactivated domain, or the blocking of our shipments by that server. 
  • Soft bounces: These are specific bugs that can be fixed. They can be because the inbox is full, the mail sent is too heavy or, at that moment, the server is failing.  

How to reduce bounce rate in email marketing

We present below the main errors that cause the increase in the bounce rate in this type of marketing activity. These are the priority fields of action on which we must focus. 

When it comes to reducing the bounce rate, you should consider a few things to reduce the bounce rate.

Also, consider the following points:

  • Sending Automated Emails
  • Use automated marketing tools.
  • Using the right email templates
  • Using an autoresponder
  • Use segmentation

Verify the mailing list.

The main part of any email marketing strategy is the email list. If the email list gets healthy, then it will affect an email marketing campaign. So make sure your list is clean.

Moreover, email validation makes your mailing list healthy. What is email validation?

Email validation is the process of verifying email addresses. It is used to protect against spam. Email validation can be done manually and also via an automated method.

Firstly, the Manual Method: In this method, you have to look at every email, including the domain name of the email address, checking for valid email addresses and also whether they are in the correct format or not.

Secondly, the Automated Method: In this method, you have to use email validation services. They are AI-based technologies. You just need to copy-paste your email list, and AI will check all the emails in less time. It is a very useful technique to save time and effort.

email marketing services
best email validation services

Why should you validate your emails?

  • It reduces invalid or spammed emails.
  • It increases the email open rate.
  • Boost engagement rate.
  • decreases the hard bounce rate.
  • Accurate marketing data.
  • low-cost email marketing.
Increase graph

Incorrect or outdated database

There are different ways to access these documentary sources of email addresses. One of them is to generate it through the websites themselves, through newsletter subscriptions, acceptance of promotions, or product sales. Additionally, they also continue to buy from specialized companies. 

In this case, we must ensure that they are of the appropriate quality and include data such as full name, gender, location, preferences, mobile number, and movement history. Their updates are important because each year they lose around 20% of their effectiveness.

Additionally, it’s critical to allow recipients to opt out, and not just because of the legal consequences of violating GDPR.

Lack of strategy

If we lack an email marketing plan, it will be difficult for us to achieve good results in the acceptance of shipments. It involves defining when to send the emails, for what purpose and to which specific audiences. Personalizing and segmenting are decisive. 

It is not a question of improvising or abusing messages, but of justifying them in a valuable strategic context for the issuer and their recipients.

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Inability to arouse interest

Being interested is always essential in communication. When we receive a message, whatever its type, we must decide to open it and feel like doing it. If not, we will leave it abandoned. and surely we will never open it again.

In the email inbox, we receive countless messages, not always desired, that compete for our attention. That is why we must apply these guidelines when creating and sending them to generate interest: 

  • Create a captivating, different, and motivating subject. We also have to write it from the point of view of our interlocutor.
  • It shows who sent the mail. It’s proven that open rates are higher that way.
  • Include a preview text that extracts and encourages you to know more.
  • Get the moment and time of delivery right, depending on the audience we are targeting and the context.
  • Integrate an effective call to action.

Unsuitability for mobile equipment

More and more people check email from their smartphones. If our shipment is not responsive and perfectly compatible with them, we will have bounce problems. 

For this reason, among other things, it is usually advisable to use professional email platforms. We will also avoid any spam problems. 

Lack of analytics

We have to study what performance the campaigns are having. Only in this way can we purge the database, make the appropriate corrections, and learn from the errors and successes to optimize the bounce rate.

Without a doubt, applying these principles and being much more methodical when developing email marketing actions helps to improve the effectiveness of these communications. When the bounce goes down, the satisfaction of the recipient increases. And, with it, the brand image and sales conversion. 

How to do email validation for free?

There are so many methods to do email validation that you can go with spell check. Make sure you don’t have any misspelled words in your mailing list.

Next, you can check the format of emails. Make sure you don’t miss the “@” in your email list. These are the primary things that you can check.

Some other key factors you must check:

  • Syntax validation
  • Ping the email box.
  • Monitor the DNS behind the contact.

In my opinion, you must try the ZeroBounce email validation tool. It has the best features and also gives free trials.


Whenever you are sending an email, you should always consider bounces in email marketing. If you want to get the best return on investment (ROI), then you must validate your email lists. By applying these tricks, you can boost your business.

I hope you liked the article and you got the idea of how you can reduce bounces in an email. If you have any questions, then feel free to comment below.

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