The powerful importance of segmentation in email marketing

Today I want to tell you the powerful importance of good segmentation in email marketing. In addition, I bring you some keys to sneak into the email box of your ideal client…

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Email marketing mistakes real estate agents need to avoid.

Real estate email marketing is a means used by expert agents to convert potential clients into sales. We will look at email marketing mistakes real estate agents need to avoid….

8 worst email marketing mistakes

8 worst email marketing mistakes you should avoid in 2022

Due to its low cost, promoting products and services through email is usually a positive strategy for companies. However, without a strategy behind it, poor execution can have negative consequences. We…

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Common mistakes when trying to sell with email marketing

Email marketing has been positioned for many years as one of the most effective digital marketing strategies to build customer loyalty and has become a foundational pillar in the success of any business. Yes,…

Email marketing

6 Email marketing mistakes that you should correct now

In the digital world, looking for online strategies to increase the visibility of our business is very necessary. One of the most popular strategies is email marketing or mass mailing to…