Effectiveness of Email Marketing in Online Strategies

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In today’s article we will evaluate and analyze the importance and effectiveness of email Marketing within the online strategies used by many businesses. We will also look at some of the best practices and points of greatest focus.

Email Marketing is one of the most effective strategies, but less practiced by businesses, often due to ignorance, lack of credibility or having a wrong concept of the process and the benefits it can bring to their business, so we will focus on show that this type of strategy is effective and very good results can be obtained.

ROI or Return on Investment

One of the lesser known, but highly important benefits of email marketing is ROI. When we start a business, part of our concerns is when will we get a return on what we have invested and when will we see a return on that investment.

Contrary to what many might believe, this strategy is one of those that requires less investment and whose benefit is seen not only in less time, but also with a higher percentage of income.

The rate of return for every dollar invested in eMail Marketing is on average 40 dollars, well above some other better known and practiced strategies such as advertising campaigns. The first 3 places are occupied as follows:

  1. Email Marketing – $40.00
  2. SEO – $22.24
  3. Display Ad Campaigns – $19.72

Some of the problems why companies fail to see this benefit even when they practice eMail Marketing is because they don’t know how to measure and differentiate the income they get from each channel.

Some recommendations to improve this point are the following:

audience segmentation

The first mistake is to put all the emails in a single list instead of doing an interest segmentation. When a segmentation is made from the forms and subscription lists, the percentage in the opening rate increases by 39% and increases sales by 24%, in addition to increasing the click rate between 94.2 and 100.95% compared to the campaigns with non-segmented lists.

Campaign automation

Automating campaigns may be frowned upon by many, but it is actually a good practice with better results compared to traditional campaigns. These usually have a “trigger” that is related to some action carried out with users who have previously subscribed.

Automation can be implemented in welcome campaigns, abandoned carts, sales scales with products related to a purchase and user inactivity (especially before cleaning subscription lists). It all depends on our creativity and the needs of our business.

Automation activities rank third on the scale of marketing activities with the greatest impact on a business, only surpassed by Content Marketing and Big Data, so you must be very careful when choosing an email marketing service. that allows you to carry out the process easily and simply.

Follow-up of campaigns carried out

I have always thought that we cannot start a strategy without knowing what to measure, how to measure it and why to measure it. If you don’t have a clear idea of ​​how to track your campaigns.

Using Google Analytics will help us to carry out these measurements by making use of the UTM Tag that help add parameters to any link within our emails and facilitating the monitoring of what users do not only within our emails (the actions of the graph above), but also within the web and thus we can differentiate if said campaign led users to make a purchase or any other specific action.

Effective campaigns vs Spam

There are many good and bad practices when it comes to email marketing and when it comes to getting things wrong, spam is king. If our intention is not to fall into spam filters or not be directly marked as spam by users, it is best to carry out the following good practices when carrying out our campaigns:

be relevant

The point is to send an email when we really have something important to let our subscribers know, something that gives them value and makes them feel that sense of belonging to our brand, do not send an email if you do not have an objective that also benefits users .

Personalize your emails

Personalization creates a better impact on subscribers and increases the results of your campaigns, so do not generalize, always use the name of the users and try to make them feel preferential treatment of your brand towards them.

Use clever titles

If you want your emails not to be marked as spam, there are some words that I recommend you not to use on a regular basis, on the contrary, try to exploit your imagination and creativity to capture the attention of the readers of your emails.

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