Email marketing mistakes real estate agents need to avoid.

Email marketing mistakes real estate
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Real estate email marketing is a means used by expert agents to convert potential clients into sales. We will look at email marketing mistakes real estate agents need to avoid.

All online marketing strategies rely on email marketing to achieve their goals. Real estate email marketing is rarely used to attract customers directly. It is more of a medium and conversion tool than a capture.

Due to the importance and high profitability of email marketing, you will find a lot of information online about this discipline and this medium. However, applying email marketing to the real estate sector implies knowing some tricks related to the way people tend to search for information about a property online. And at Realtor, we will tell you about the email marketing mistakes real estate agents can make, so you can avoid them.

Although email marketing is not as recent a tool as social networking, it is still a powerful tool that allows real estate agents to generate followers and contacts, obtain listings, and close many sales.

In this article, we will look at email marketing mistakes real estate agents need to avoid. If you understand these mistakes and apply them to your email marketing real estate, then it will help your business. Let’s start with email marketing mistakes real estate agents need to avoid.

Offer content without adding value.

Email marketing mistakes for real estate agents: They write the best emails, but they forget to add value. Adding value can be the best strategy. Add images for customers who love to see images.

The main function of your email is indeed to promote, but customers are wary of the standard language used for sales. Instead of presenting them with direct offers, offer them practical information for their day-to-day life, such as how to improve their garden or an update on real estate trends in their area.

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Unsolicited email

Another email marketing mistake for real estate agents: It is what we most commonly know as SPAM and consists of sending a newsletter to a recipient who has not agreed to receive it. The primary basis of email is to build a good opt-in database (users who have registered to receive communication from your part).

Building an opt-in database is easy; you just need a form for people to sign up. This way, you will get really good results. What do you do when you receive an email that doesn’t interest you? You delete it. What do you do if they keep sending you emails that don’t interest you? marked as SPAM.

If you are marked as SPAM, your domain will be harmed, preventing your emails from reaching your recipients’ inboxes. In addition, sending mass mailings to a purchased database may have legal consequences.

Use email service providers like GetResponse, MailChimp,, and GMass to get more benefits from the email marketing campaign.

Unpredictable email communication

People like consistency. If they don’t hear from you for a couple of weeks and are suddenly bombarded with emails from you, they won’t take notice. 

You can send an email once a week or even once a month. You have to have a set schedule and stick to it. That way, people will know what to expect from you. Finding the perfect balance is not easy, but the statistics of the great email marketing management programs give some clues.

As a general rule, one or two generic emails per month usually have good results. To this can be added personalized emails with the specific offer that interests each customer segment.

asking for too much information.

The only information you need to send a newsletter is an email; the rest is optional, although it will allow you to better personalize your mass mailings. Do not exceed the three input fields. Remember that your goal is to increase the list of contacts.

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Devote a little time to email campaigns.

You have to prepare it to be an effective email marketing campaign. This implies determining a goal and adapting the list of recipients and the content of the message accordingly. “Do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today.” You have to spend time and do tests.

Spare some time to do an email marketing campgine. Email marketing needs some more time to do because you have to look at which title and images are best for your email. so devote some time to email campaigns.

The matter is essential.

Experts say that it takes between zero and three seconds to decide whether to open an email or go straight to the trash. And the key to that is the subject line. There is no magic solution that guarantees the opening of the mail, but there are some basic tips that should not be overlooked.

The text should be short (50 characters maximum), but even better if it does not exceed 30, with a clear and specific message. The most important words should go at the beginning and, if possible, should be personalized. 

If you are in doubt about a couple of options, many email marketing management programs allow you to carry out an A/B test to evaluate which one gets the best response before sending it to the entire database.

Not customize the email.

The importance of the sender field is often overlooked. People want to receive emails from other people, not from companies. Instead of indicating that the email is sent by “Company Name”, it is better to indicate “Name”, and this same rule should be applied to the signature of your email.

A/B testing

Designed for mobile

More and more people check their email directly on the phone. Among Gmail users, for example, more than 75% do so. In addition to an interesting message and an attractive design, it is essential to check that the emails are adapted to all types of devices.

For this, the best option is to opt for single-column layouts, which read well on desktop, mobile, and tablet browsers. In addition, the texts must be short: reading on mobile is more effective with concise and to-the-point messages. It is also important to take care of the size and format of the images. 

It is best if they are displayed horizontally and are not too large. Although they are an essential part of the email marketing mistakes in real estate, we must prevent them from taking up too much space within the email and affecting the loading speed.

Use responsive email templates. If you don’t know what is responsive and how to do it, then click on the link below to find out more.

Analyze the email results.

Email marketing mistakes in real estate The advantage of email marketing, if it is done with a specialized program, is that it allows you to know the results almost immediately: how many and who has opened the message if they have clicked… In this way, you can define which messages are the most popular.

After doing the email marketing campaign, analyze your campaign. Look at some factors like bounce rate, open rate, and so on. Analyzing the result is one of the best moves you can make.

Analyse the email results

Not using the best email service provider

You must use the best email service provider to get the best results.

Above all are the best and the most popular email service providers. Use these service providers while doing the email marketing campaign.

If you don’t know how to choose an email service provider then you can check our article about how to choose an email service provider for your needs then click on the link below.

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Email marketing mistakes, real estate agents need to avoid. keep all these mistakes in mind while doing the email marketing campaign and avoid these mistakes.

Apply all these email marketing mistakes, real estate agents need to avoid and make your email marketing campaign the best and more powerful.

I hope you like the Email marketing mistakes real estate agents need to avoid. If you have any questions then feel free to comment below.

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