Email Marketing vs Social Media Marketing Which is Better and Why?

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Social networks have long revolutionized the way companies do marketing, but currently they seem to be stagnant while mailing campaigns continue to grow steadily. In this article we will evaluate both options to define which is better.

Innovative social media marketing strategies are ideal for some businesses because they spark discussions about products and services and are a great way to connect with audiences almost immediately.

Today social networks are a formidable marketing tool because they increase the exposure of a brand, its products and/or services, while emails are prone to being discarded, deleted or completely ignored by users.

However, did you know that studies say that email marketing is 40 times more effective than social media?

Email marketing campaigns are more effective at engaging audiences and getting them to sign up during checkout after making a purchase and increase the chance of a new purchase by up to 17%.

Still not convinced? Here are a few more reasons why email marketing is better than social media marketing:

The numbers speak for themselves

There are nearly three times as many people with email as there are people with Facebook and Twitter accounts . In a way, each search that takes place on the web equates to a large percentage of daily traffic that could convert into your subscribers and potential customers.

As such, businesses should view email marketing as not only essential, but fundamental to the marketing and advertising of their brands.

Emails are more personal

Almost everyone has an email address, and even more older people trust emails more than social media. Additionally, business-minded users are more likely to feel more confident and dependable on email marketing campaigns than on social media.

Emails generate more conversions

90% of all emails that are created are delivered to the intended recipient, while only a small percentage of Facebook users actually see and stay up to date with News Feed posts.

For example, Facebook limits the number of posts that can appear in a feed, which is its strategy to increase the number of people who pay for advertising.

This implies that email marketing is more effective than social media posts any day of the week because the only limitation is the subscriber base you have and your creativity to reach your current and new subscribers.

Emails are more formal for business

Some businesses rely on multiple social media platforms to communicate and interact with customers on a day-to-day basis. However, companies that focus on growth and building strong relationships are more likely to rely on a formal and more official mode of communication, which is through email.

Emails present businesses with the opportunity to reach out and interact with customers in the most professional manner possible. To maximize their marketing campaigns, companies should focus on utilizing a mix of different techniques and channels that can give a company a broader reach.

Pros and cons of each channel

Pros of Email Marketing

  1. Email open rate indicates greater reach
  2. The click rate is higher in links within emails than within ads on social networks
  3. Higher conversion rate compared to other channels
  4. It is cheaper, since you do not need to invest more than in an email marketing tool that suits your needs.
  5. Higher rate of return. As we mentioned before, you can reach up to 40 times more customers than Facebook and Twitter, which means more sales at a lower cost.

Cons of Email Marketing

  1. You need to spend time on planning, email capture and campaign management
  2. You depend on your creativity to achieve sales through your email campaigns
  3. Must be very careful not to fall or be reported as spam

Pros of Social Media

  1. High percentage of engagement with your audience
  2. Opportunity to make your campaigns viral
  3. Increase your brand recognition

Cons of Social Media

  1. You need to be consistent with your campaigns and posts
  2. Requires constant investment

As you will see, each channel can mean a different way to achieve the goal of reaching customers, but if your business wants to achieve greater profitability, eMail Marketing is the best option you have to achieve your goals.

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