How to create an email marketing strategy?

How to create an email marketing strategy
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Many people have a misconception about what email marketing is and, more importantly, what its true effectiveness is. And they don’t know how to create an email marketing strategy for their online businesses.

When you think that this technique does not work. It is perhaps because you have in mind those companies that do not stop sending you mass emails without personalization or promotional emails loaded with many images but of little interest.

In short, we think that the definition of this is related to spam.

Nothing is further from reality. 

Therefore, what I want to talk to you about in this article is the true definition of email marketing. And how to implement a strategy with common sense that provides positive results for all parties. Also, how to create an email marketing strategy?

I encourage you to follow this mini step-by-step guide on how to create an email marketing strategy. So that, one day, you will drive qualified traffic to your website and, once there, you can work on retaining your audience. You can also increase your sales and decrease your email bounce rate.

There are numerous studies and experiences of different professionals that have shown the benefits of knowing in detail what email marketing is and how it works. It has a positive impact on the relationship with the target audience. And therefore, on the achievement of objectives (whatever they are).

Without further delay, I leave you with a brief review of all the points that we are going to see:

  • definition of what email marketing is.
  • There are potential benefits to following a planned email marketing strategy.
  • 5 Pre-Steps to Consider Before Drifting Away (Accompanied by 5 Fun Visual Charts).

Let’s deep dive into how to create an email marketing strategy.

What is email marketing?

Let’s start at the beginning. To differentiate a good email marketing strategy from spam, it must be made clear why one thing should not lead to another.

And… what is email marketing?

“Email marketing is a digital marketing strategy that consists of contacting the target audience of a business by sending emails, offering them relevant information or quality content that meets their needs.” Within it, techniques such as sending newsletters (informative) or mailings (commercial) are included.”

what is Email Marketing?

From this definition, we must focus mainly on 2 specific aspects: the target audience and the informational or quality content.

These are the ones that will determine whether an email marketing strategy is intelligent and effective, so it will most likely not be considered spam.

For example, if a mailing or a newsletter is considered spam, it is usually because:

  • It is not directed towards a specific target audience (the same information is sent to a general audience).
  • The information that is sent is merely promotional and has no value for the recipient (sometimes with excessive frequency).

Now that we have defined these concepts, you will get an idea of ​​why email marketing strategies can help your business succeed. While sending mailings “without rhyme or reason” is an inadvisable technique. I hope you got the definition of email marketing. Now let’s go deep into how to create an email marketing strategy.

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Why do you need to create an email marketing strategy for your business right now?

Because email marketing has not ceased to be one of the king’s strategies for any marketing plan.

So, working on these types of strategies professionally and consistently will bring many benefits to your business.

In the long term, these benefits are going to be more than remarkable. But you will see how, in the short and medium term, you will begin to realize the changes that occur in the relationship with your users.

Now, from my point of view, let’s see why you should follow an efficient email marketing strategy. And what benefits it will bring you:

Let’s see how to create an email marketing strategy for your email marketing.

Online Reputation:

Carrying out this type of strategy is directly related to the online reputation of your brand. It is so far as it helps improve the image that users have of you.

In addition, they leave open the possibility of sharing content on social networks. And replying to emails also has an impact on engagement and, again, on online reputation.

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brand coherence:

By taking care of the details both at the design and style levels, you will reinforce the brand image and its visual and narrative coherence.

This is synonymous with a solid brand.

How to create an email marketing strategy?

The Loyalty of Users and Customers:

Thanks to the sending of personalized quality content regularly in the form of a newsletter. You will be able to retain your community, even after having already been a customer.

Non-intrusive communication:

The subscribers to your newsletter or news bulletin are the ones who decide when they are going to open the email and spend time reading it.

In this way, they do not feel that their privacy is invaded, as can happen with advertisements on mass media or billboards.

High ROI:

Once you have learned the theory, putting email marketing actions into practice is one of the cheapest options for direct or indirect promotion.

Creating a quality and well-targeted campaign takes time (especially at the beginning), but the direct financial outlay is minimal.

Analysis and evolution:

Most, if not all, email marketing tools allow you to monitor and analyze all your shipments.

In this way, you can learn from the failures and take advantage of the successes so that the results of your campaigns improve month after month.

As you can see, implementing these actions will help you mark a before and after in your global marketing strategy.

You will be able to stand out from the competition and establish a close relationship with your users. How to achieve all this is what we will see in the next section.


The 5 steps you must take before launching into Email Marketing

Getting started on a strategy like this can be tricky, especially since when you start something new with no experience, you never know what the first step should be, right?

In this case, the first idea is quite logical: without subscribers to your email service, you have nothing to do.

So, the first thing to get is users interested in receiving your emails. Let’s start there and see what other steps you need to take to succeed with your email marketing strategy.

1) Capture subscribers and segment them

As I was saying, attracting subscribers is the first thing you should work on. You cannot send emails to people who have not subscribed to the service, giving their consent to receive the emails, so the first thing to do is to get that “damn” database.

To do this, answer the typical strategic questions:

  • What is the situation between you and your competitor?
  • What do you want to get from your audience?
  • Who is your audience and how are you going to help them achieve your goals?

There are different actions you can take to get subscribers:

Promotion Web:

You can place a banner announcing the new service and allowing users to register from there. Thus, when they enter the website, they will see it, and they will be able to decide if they are interested or not.

Recruitment on social networks:

Promote yourself on social networks and inform users of the advantages they will obtain if they subscribe. You can create social accounts on Instagram or Facebook.

Related content:

If you have a blog, you can include downloadable content in exchange for a subscription. For example, free e-books I think this is the best way to get subscribers.

landing page:

You can create a dedicated landing page exclusively to attract subscribers to your newsletter or direct mail.

Here you will be able to learn about the characteristics of the new service and how to subscribe, for which you will have to offer something in return.

But keep in mind your landing pages must be responsive. If you want to learn more about responsiveness then you can click on the link below. This is the best way to create an email marketing strategy.

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Responsive Templates For Email Marketing
Online store:

In addition, you can inform users when they make a purchase on your e-commerce or physical store and encourage them to subscribe.

Having a good database is important, of course, but it’s useless if you don’t segment these users. Each one is at a different point regarding your brand and your business, and you cannot treat everyone the same.

Some have already bought some of your products or services; others are new and hardly know you; and others have been part of your online community for some time, whether or not they are customers.

When making your shipments, you must segment them as much as possible so that the shipments are personalized.

You will not send the same offers to someone who has just started receiving your emails as to a loyal customer who has been associated with your brand for a long time.

Nor will you receive the same content, as your needs are different.

Do segment users well and do not abandon this task. Check from time to time what the situation is: if they open the emails or not, if they answer or share the content, etc.

All this information is relevant when deciding what type of email you are going to send them. and create an email marketing strategy.

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2) Design an action plan

You already have the users and, in theory, you can start sending. But wait! Do you already have a clear idea of ​​the KPIs that you will analyze to measure the results? Have you chosen a design and copy style for your emails?

Remember that an isolated action will not do any good. If what you want is to set up a good email marketing strategy that gives results over time, you must have everything well predefined.

The shipping tools

On the net, you will find a lot of options and opinions about it. Here I recommend that you value certain criteria, such as the statistics and variety of available templates, the support service, or the cost of the monthly subscription. In this sense, it values

  • The cost: Some basic subscriptions are free, and others have higher-quality premium features. You should think about how much you can invest in this strategy and what needs will be covered in your project.
  • Usability: This point is especially important if it is your first strategy. The easier it is to use the tool you choose, the less time you will spend learning to deal with it.
  • The reports: We have already talked about how important it is to analyze the shipments. For this reason, the type of reports that each tool generates is one of the characteristics that you must take into account.
  • Added services: Do you offer autoresponders? And the possibility of doing A/B tests? These types of added services can make a difference.
  • Customer service: Sooner or later, you may need help with your emails, and knowing that they have good customer service can be decisive.

According to the above points, SendinBlue can be the best email marketing tool for you. It has a lot of features and tools that you need while sending email marketing campaigns.

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email pages

The email design

For example, on my blog, I use the SendinBlue platform for my newsletters because, even in its free version, it already allows me to customize my designs and include various elements, such as:

  • The logo: It is essential for your emails to be easily recognizable, and to do this, you should include an image with your logo in the header or footer of the email.
  • Different fonts: If you have any official font related to your identity, you should use it. Of course, as long as it is easily readable and accepted by the mail managers. If not, you can always keep it for the text of your banners or promotional buttons.
  • Custom colors: Use corporate colors in your design. Make sure they are in harmony and make it easy to read the email. A good trick to make readability better is to play with contrasts, as long as it doesn’t overload the view too much.
  • Eye-catching buttons: Include buttons with the call to action you expect from users. They can be links to one of your pages or a downloadable PowerPoint template.
  • Links to social networks: Do not forget to include a section with the links to your social profiles. I don’t always include them (to avoid distractions), but if you want to grow your social community, it’s a very good idea.
  • Unsubscribe link: Not a design element as such, but should be included in any template. Users need to know where they can unsubscribe from the service when they no longer want to receive emails.

3) Define the contents

With the template ready and designed and the calendar clear, the next step is to start writing the contents. Work on making the tone and style consistent with what you use on other channels.

When you are clear about how to approach each topic, it is a good idea to include exclusive content, graphic resources, etc.

Remember to reread the contents several times before sending them. Errors and things to improve can always appear. Doing things calmly and without haste is synonymous with quality.

4) Strategically plan all ideas

In line with the previous idea, it is very interesting to brainstorm and write down different promotional ideas that could be applied to certain content when the time comes.

Something that always helps me start with the strategy of my clients in their email marketing is to predefine what the first presentation email will be like because, you know, the first impression is very important.

In it, you can consider the idea of ​​including an introductory video to your newsletter service, making your business known and what kind of content subscribers will receive from now on.

You may have already explained this on social networks or the landing page, but keep in mind that not all people subscribe to the same method and there may be some who are not well informed.

In addition, in this post, you can explain everything in detail, do it attractively and leave users wanting more.

That they are looking forward to receiving the next email is a very good sign. Let’s see the fifth point on how to create an email marketing strategy for your online business.

4 Tips for Choosing the Right Email Marketing Provider

5) Prepare a shipping schedule

To start sending your shipments, you will need to do a little planning. It is about meeting medium- or long-term objectives, and a delivery schedule will help you not get sidetracked over time.

You must first define the frequency and periodicity with which you are going to send your emails.

Do not overwhelm users, since the excess of emails can cause them to unsubscribe, but do not let them forget about you either.

A weekly shipment is usually recommended (or at least it is the frequency that has worked best for me so far).

Mark on the calendar the dates that you do not want to forget: sales periods, seasonal products, etc., and start planning your shipments based on those relevant dates for your business.

You will see how you do not miss a single one!


I hope you like how to create an email marketing strategy. Apply all these strategies to your email marketing campaigns. This will help you a lot while doing an email marketing campaign. And create an email marketing strategy for your email campaign.

And don’t forget to sign up on SendinBlue for free. Believe me, it has a lot of features that you need in your online business. You can use SendinBlue for free. First, try to use its free version, and then you can choose any plan according to your business.

If you have any questions about how to create an email marketing strategy then feel free to comment below.

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