How to improve conversion with engagement segmentation

Email segmentation
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Today I want to talk to you a little about the importance of segmentation in email marketing. And how to reach subscribers who are interested in greater interaction with our brand, also known as “engagement.” In this, you will look at how to improve conversion.

When we begin to generate our subscriber base, it is very important to know their interests. This would be our first segment. I will give you an example of how we segment our subscribers on the blog and improve conversion.

In this article, we will look at how to improve conversion with engagement segmentation. This will help you with your email marketing and you will be able to move your business to the next level. Let’s dive into “How to improve conversion with engagement segmentation.”

Why segment our email subscribers by interests?

When you plan to implement an email marketing strategy, attracting subscribers is only the first step. You have to know what to do with them. How to do it and create segments that allow you to create personalized campaigns to obtain better conversions.

Segmentation is the best way to improve conversion. Because by doing email list segmentation, your audience will receive personalized emails. They are more likely to open your emails, and you can improve your conversion.

Let’s see some of the benefits you will get with a simple segmentation job, something that not all brands are taking advantage of because they usually use nothing more than subscription forms that add data to a single database, a serious mistake!

Why segment

Enhanced fidelity and loyalty to your brand by customers: 

You can generate more personalized campaigns that allow you to offer a product or service according to the needs of that subscriber or provide content that provides added value.

That will create in your subscribers a feeling of belonging to your brand because you are supplying their needs instead of sending them only spam emails that do not cause them any interest.

Increased revenue: Segmenting your subscribers by interests automatically improves your open rate, click rate, and conversion rate, or in other words, your sales if you are a business. If your audience is clicking on your emails, then you will improve conversion more.

Segmenting the email list improves conversion and it is the best strategy to do while doing the email marketing campaign.

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Increase the interaction of email subscribers with your newsletters: 

When you send a user something that interests him, the probability that he will open your mail is much greater. For example, if someone subscribes to my blog because he is interested in our eBook SEO and web positioning,

You are much more likely to open an email with “the second edition of our SEO eBook” than one about “How to unsubscribe from your Facebook account”.

This will improve conversion and you will get more sales.

Increase the interaction of email subscribers

Personalized Brand-Client Treatment:

When you want to conquer your partner, imagine that you prepare a delicious dinner of chicken with mushroom sauce, but by mistake, you do not know that your partner has a serious allergy to mushrooms. You will not make a good impression, right? The same happens with your brand.

If you do not know what your client is interested in, you will not be able to offer products or services that encourage them to buy what you offer. Even worse, you will not be able to create a close relationship with your clients, and possibly they will buy from you. once, but don’t come back for more. 

As you get closer to your customers, they will get closer to you and become ambassadors and defenders of your brand. Remember to appeal to their human side; they are not just emails in a database. This is the best way to improve your conversions.

Now, not only does this kind of segmentation exist, but there is one that also becomes very important when it comes to generating conversions or creating your community. I am referring to engagement segmentation.

Why do we segment our subscribers by engagement?

Not only do you increase the benefits of the previous segmentation, but it also allows you, as mentioned before, to dive deeper into how to improve conversion.

let’s see why we segment our subscribers by engagement and how to improve conversion.

email pages

Build a community for your brand:

If you know the people who are loyal to your brand and have a good opinion of your products or services, you can start to take them into account as part of your select group of subscribers.

They have a very high sense of belonging to your brand. Letting them know that they are part of the family is the ideal way to continue building loyalty. They usually want to defend your brand tooth and nail. You have to give them back a little bit of love.

Reward the loyalty of your subscribers: 

If you know the people who always read and interact with your emails, it is good to give them an award when they deserve it.

Discount coupons, special promotions for them, a thank you email, or VIP access to some benefits of our brand are good examples of what you can offer to those who always treat your brand well.

By giving some discount customers will attract and you can get some more conversions.

Find opportunities for continuous improvement:

Let’s see, we know our star subscribers: those who always make time to read our newsletters and those who always see our content. Don’t you think they are the best people to let us know what we can improve on? They can give us opinions and ideas on how to improve as a brand.

Their opinions will be impartial and they will not seek to impact our reputation negatively. This will give them an added value that is not easily achieved today. In addition, you will help them feel that their word has a lot of importance and value for you and your business.

How to Improve Conversion

Email service providers

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I am amazed at what you can achieve with subscriber segmentation work and I have only mentioned some of its benefits. I assure you that there are many more. But how to achieve all that I have mentioned? Well, for that, you must know how to choose the perfect tool for your email marketing campaigns.

I hope you like the article, about how to improve conversion with engagement segmentation. If have any questions then feel free to comment below.

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