How to increase the newsletter’s open rate

newsletter's open rate
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How to increase your newsletter’s open rate: Can’t get your emails to open? Don’t worry, today I’ll tell you how to increase the newsletter open rate.

Newsletters are very important for generating a powerful database and sending them the news, offering valuable content, telling stories through storytelling, and, to a lesser extent, promoting your products or services. 

In short, they help build trust, and the number of conversions is very good. It also helps to increase our return on investment (ROI) and sales.

In this article, you will learn how to increase the newsletter’s open rate. I will share some tips and tricks that will help to increase your newsletter’s open rate. And you can move your business to the next level.

Sending email newsletters to followers

Email marketing is one of the main marketing strategies and consists of sending newsletters to followers who are predisposed to receiving notifications from you since they voluntarily leave you their email addresses. Its periodicity—daily, weekly, or monthly—is variable, and you must adapt this technique according to your ideal client.

In general, the exchange of email addresses between you and your followers is achieved through a lead magnet. It is a gift that you have to create so that the public that signs up for your newsletter receives it. They can be downloadable templates, infographics, info products, or eBooks. Be original and offer interesting, valuable content.

When they are subscribed to your newsletter, then you can send promotional emails or offer emails. As you know, email marketing requires some budget to operate. If you are investing your money and you are not getting the best return on investment, it will cost you money and energy.

To overcome this problem, you need to increase your open rate of newsletters to get the best ROI. Now you will think about how to increase the newsletter’s open rate. Don’t worry, read this article carefully.

email newsletters

Email marketing tool

Before the increase in the newsletter’s open rate, we will need to understand the email marketing tools and why they are important in email marketing.

As a content marketing tool, it is important that you set the goal you want to achieve with the newsletters. Depending on what you want, you will spread different content.

  • If you want to give information about your brand, you will limit yourself to giving attractive, valuable information, storytelling,
  • If you want to convert subscribers into leads so that the sales funnel closes, you will give them valuable information and make offers.
  • To retain your customers, in addition to giving them valuable content, you will send them the news and the first fruits before anyone else, exclusive material.

So that your newsletters are very personalized and you can segment the contacts to send different information to each group, fulfilling an objective, you can use email managers such as Mailchimp or SendinBlue.

Remember that it is essential to measure the results of your publications by email. These tools will give you the statistics of who has opened the newsletter and at what time. This will allow you to modify the delivery schedule or change the type of information if necessary.

If you want to learn more about email marketing tools and how to choose them according to your needs, then click on the link below.

Email marketing tool

How to increase the open rate with these 5 characteristics

Now you will look at some characteristics that you will need to consider for this question, i.e., how to increase the newsletter’s open rate. Let’s deep dive into the characteristics.

1. The email subject has to be a hook for them to click

It can be eye-catching, include a humorous phrase, generate surprise, intrigue, and curiosity, and contain data. The goal is to get them to open your newsletter. If not, it won’t do its job.

It should be of medium length. As we know, the email subject is a very important factor in email marketing. Our receptors first see our email title, then they click on it. That’s why the perfect email title is very important. But don’t worry, I already have an article on how to write the perfect email title in 2022. Just click on the link to find out more.

As soon as you can write the perfect email title, you can get a higher open rate. because the email title is the first impression of your email. Let’s look at another aspect of how to increase the newsletter’s open rate.

2. The sender:

Include your name and the person with whom you think your subscribers can recognize you and be reliable so that they open your email.

Use your real name or also use your business name. So, your audience can’t think this is spam email. because many spammers don’t use names.

Increase graph

3. Choosing the right design for your email newsletter

It may seem silly at first, but keep it in mind and take care of it because it will help with its reading. It must be consistent with your brand, with your ideal client, and with the messages you transmit. The type of design – text only, longer or shorter, or image with text – will depend on your followers.

Remember you should responsive images. Nowadays everyone is using their mobile phones to check their emails. I don’t want to waste your time on what is responsiveness and how to do it. If you want to know then click on the link below.

Also, read Responsive templates for email marketing that will help you.

4. What should the body of the newsletter have?

  • Personalize the emails; your followers will love them.
  • Hook them from the moment they open them and tell them at the beginning what you want them to read, yes or yes.
  • Tell the most important thing and try to specify it and not lengthen it.
  • A good way to hook them is with storytelling, that is, telling them stories related to your products or services. 
  • You can also use bold to highlight what is important and help with your reading.

Use eye-catching buttons for calls to action. For example, click here, sign up now, and read the post here. Buttons work better than links.


5. How to say goodbye?

  • Make a summary, reflection, or conclusion of what you have said in the body of the newsletter.
  • Engage them with questions to generate interaction.
  • Remind them of the call to action.
  • And finally, say goodbye.

    With email managers, you can create and automate a welcome email; this will arrive in the mailbox of your followers just after signing up for your newsletter. To generate a good impression and differentiate yourself, in your welcome email you must include:
  • Welcome your new email subscriber with joy and excitement.
  • Introduce yourself and tell him what information he will receive from now on in his inbox.
  • Tell him how you can help him.
  • Tell him where and how he can contact you.
  • Say goodbye and give way to further communication.

In short, you can easily increase the open rate of your newsletter by applying all these tips.

Have you thought of a story to tell in your newsletters? What periodicity will your customers like? Tell me, I’d love to read you.

I hope you like this article if you have any questions then feel free to comment below.

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