How to write an email

How to write an email to establish the first contact

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How to write an email to establish the first contact: If you are the owner of a one-person multinational company that does not have a large budget (or a small one) for advertising and/or marketing, social networks are very useful: you can publicize what you do, collect information about the market, and contact leads.

But from my point of view, they fail in a fundamental aspect; they are not good for selling. But don’t worry, there is an alternative that offers great results.

It is a tool that directly attacks the communication center of your client, allowing you to establish a much more intimate and personal conversation where you can generate greater trust.

It is a tool that even clients (or potential clients) who do not use social networks know how to handle email.

An email has infinite uses: prospecting, idealization, and marketing campaigns. But today I want to tell you how to write an introductory email to establish the first contact.

In this article, we will see how to write an email to establish the first contact.

8 key aspects to writing a presentation email

Put yourself in the situation. You have done prospecting work on social networks and you have potential clients monitored. Suddenly, you detect an opportunity for your business and you want to take advantage of it.

You know that the best way to “attack” a prospect is by email, so you look for their email and/or a contact form on their website/blog.

Moreover, If you want your mail to be read, you have to pay special attention to:

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1. Affair

The most important part of the email What you write here depends on whether your presentation email is read… or sent to the bottom of the garbage. You have to give him a reason to open the mail.

The subject line needs to be direct and offer an idea of ​​the content. But DO NOT sell; simply tell them what you will find if you read the mail.

2. Size of email

Everybody is very busy. Everyone gets a ton of emails. If you write a brick, be clear that your mail will be deleted.

You have to get to the point. Explain what you want as briefly as possible. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the shorter an email is, the faster they respond.

3. To research

If you are going to write to someone who does not know who you are, the first words of your email should show that you do know what they do, their work.

Also, you can mention his blog or an article you have read… Think about what you want, but look for a link.

4. A single message

In each email, you only want to say or request one thing. You can only have one intention: to get information, present a product, arrange an interview… but never try to get them all at once.


5. Offer

Copywriting experts say that when you send a sales email, you have to give them a reason to buy. What benefit does the recipient get from your mail?

What are you going to offer him that he will have no choice but to answer you?

If you have monitored and investigated your leads, you know exactly what some of their needs are.

6. Language of email

Depending on who you write to, you can use you or you, a technical language, or something simpler. With the mail you want to connect with that person, if you use words that he does not understand, it will be difficult for him to answer you.

7. Call to action button in the email

If you want someone to do something, you just have to ask. What is the next step you want the receiver to take? Visit your website? A response to your email

Do not leave anything to interpretation, do not think that it has been made clear… Tell your reader what you want them to do.

8. Edit your email

Make things as easy as possible. Just like posts, emails are scanned. The easier it is to read your mail, the more chances of achieving your goal.

Highlighting what is most important, using lists, or not writing very long paragraphs are techniques that give good results.

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How to contact by email: real example

This is an example of a presentation email for clients, applying everything that has been explained to you. I’ve changed a few things for obvious privacy reasons. 

Course for SEO Expert

Hello Vishal,

I’m Shywork, and although you don’t know me, I’ve been following you for a long time and reading your blog “XYZ”. I liked the article about your training course for entrepreneurs.

I also have a blog. It is focused on helping entrepreneurs and freelancers to get clients using innovative ways of networking.

So for your course, I have come up with a couple of ideas:

-I have created a mini-course “SEO Survival Kit ”. It’s free and I think it can be useful for your students. It would be a pleasure for you to use it if you deem it appropriate.

-I would be delighted to collaborate with you and explain to your students techniques to impact their market.

I believe that it is essential that every “good” entrepreneur knows new ways of getting customers.

Do not hesitate to tell me your opinion on both ideas 🙂

Thank You,

Why work

Analysis of the example

As you can see, in the subject, I make it clear that the presentation email is about something important; your training course. Also, since he had a general email, I wanted it to reach the person he knew.

The first thing is to find a link with that person, mentioning your course for entrepreneurs. I immediately introduce myself as someone who does something that can be useful to your business.

The email is short and edited so that you can “scan” the parts that may interest you. As I had been following that person on Twitter for a long time and reading her blog, I knew that the best way to approach her was with a friendly tone.


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I hope you like how to write an email to establish the first contact. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below.

You can also refer to our articles for more information.

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