The powerful importance of segmentation in email marketing

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Today I want to tell you the powerful importance of good segmentation in email marketing. In addition, I bring you some keys to sneak into the email box of your ideal client and build trust.

In email marketing, segmentation is a very important process when it comes to increasing your return on investment and email open rate. That’s why we will learn some powerful importance of segmentation.

Let’s deep dive into the powerful importance of segmentation in email marketing and some tricks that can help your business.

What is segmentation in email marketing?

The segmentation of a contact list consists of making an automatic selection of said list based on the parameters that we previously determined to isolate the target audience we want to reach. We can, for example, more easily group people who have purchased our most premium service to give them exclusive content and present them with our offers before other subscribers.

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Database segmentation is essential when it comes to enhancing and improving the results of email marketing. This improvement translates into brand growth and more sales. because not all your clients are the same.

The segmentation process in email marketing is much easier thanks to email management tools like MailChimp or SendinBlue. Segmenting your database users properly is essential for:

  • Identify the clients and sectors you want to target.
  • Detect which clients are the ones that react most favorably to your proposals.
  • You have to find which segments are more profitable.
  • Analyze which messages are the ones that work best according to the different user segments that you have established.

The first step in optimizing a campaign is to have the database worked on. This process includes different factors:

  • Technical: You can improve deliverability to all subscribers.
  • Brandedemail marketing stands out for its enormous personalization. Thanks to segmentation, a relationship of trust is created since subscribers only receive content that interests them.
  • Economic: ROI, or return on investment, increases exponentially thanks to the proximity to our target audience.

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Why segmentation is important

Our email list is made up of many different emails, like a zoo. We know in zoos there are so many animals. In your email list also, there are so many types of people with different needs and wants.

Email segmentation helps us send targeted emails to the targeted audience. In today’s world, mass emails don’t work anymore. A study shows that targeted emails get a higher open rate and click-through rate, which can be 20% to 40%.

Most powerful brands use email segmentation for their email campaigns. That’s why they get more open rates and directly more sales.

Powerful importance of segmentation

  • Increase your return on investment
  • Increase your engagement ratio
  • Lower unsubscribe rate
  • Increase sales and lead
  • greater customer retention
  • Low spam
  • Reduce bounce rate
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5 tricks to keep in mind for segmentation in email marketing

I do not want you to leave without discovering which tricks that work best for me and the ones that I use the most in my email marketing strategy. Let’s see which are the best strategies for the powerful importance of segmentation in email marketing. Let’s see those five tricks.

1. Remember the new email subscribers!

Don’t neglect your new subscribers… You’ve got an email address and now you can’t just leave them behind. They need a warm welcome that makes them feel like they were right to leave you their details. The welcome email is one of the messages that can never be missed from your strategies.

The importance of this small detail lies in the fact that:

  1. It is the only email that users wait expectantly for; it is the last element of the acquisition process. After this shipment, the user and the brand begin to work on their relationship.
  2. It contains something users want: a link to a download, an activation code, confirmation of purchase, etc.

2. What happened in the purchase process?

Targeting tricks can be focused on recovering abandoned carts (people who have reached the page where they had to make the payment but have left at the last moment without completing the purchase). Consequently, this segmentation results in more effective automated emails for any business as they save you work while achieving conversions.

Another trick is to use your customers’ purchase history to cross-sell with your emails. The principle of this technique is found in the first purchase, after which you must do everything possible to get that user to return to your online store and make a purchase.

Also, if you have many different types of products or services, segmenting your customers based on the purchases they make is a great way to determine what their interests are.

3. Open rate signals their engagement with your brand

With the information on the open rate of each subscriber, you can segment based on their interaction with your emails. Thus, you will be able to establish certain parameters according to the activity of each one, and, for example, you could reward your most engaged subscribers by offering them special opportunities.

On the contrary, if a subscriber has been inactive for a while, one of the most effective segmentation tricks is to send them a personalized re-engagement email.

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4. What if you let him choose the frequency?

Another segmentation trick is that you divide your subscribers based on preferences.

There is nothing like reporting the frequency at which the emails will be sent. But if you want to apply segmentation tricks that take you to a more professional level, ask users how often they want to receive your pieces. 

In addition, you can offer them the chance to select the type of email they want to receive. This will decrease your bounce rate.

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5. Happy Birthday

Making your subscribers feel special is key to creating a lasting and trusting relationship with them. Therefore, segmenting by anniversaries, birthdays, etc. is always a good idea.

By sending them specific emails with special offers or simple congratulations, you will be able to create stronger connections with each of the users.

Personalization emails are the key point of any email marketing. You should try to send personalized emails to your audience. This will help you to get more close to your audience and build a relationship more powerful.

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I hope you learn something new about the powerful importance of segmentation in email marketing. You should segment your email list according to the data. It will increase your return on investment and open rate.

Apply all these tips and tricks so you can generate more income through email marketing. This will make your business more strong. For the best email marketing tools, you can choose MailChimp or SendinBlue.

Do you use any of these email marketing tools? Did you know these tricks? Tell me about your experiences! I would be happy to read your comments.

Or if you have any questions then feel free to comment below.

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