Top tips for a successful email marketing

Top tips for a successful email marketing campaign.

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In previous blog posts, we have already talked about email marketing campaigns and their benefits. Possible strategies to follow for maximum effectiveness.

We are going to delve a little deeper into the subject, developing some of the types of email marketing that we can put into practice in our company. But first of all, we are going to remember some basic premises of this marketing strategy.

In this article, we will look at the top tips for a successful email marketing campaign. These tips will help you create successful email marketing campaigns in the future.

Basic premises for an Email Marketing strategy

The first thing we have to be clear about in the email marketing campaigns we do is that we have to pursue a conversion so that all the effort and dedication becomes a benefit, that is, sales.

To achieve this, we must set the objectives and be clear about the assets we have, because according to this. We can offer one thing or another.

After setting our objectives, we will have to study what audience we are reaching and what audience we want to reach. Knowing this data we will be able to send messages with the content of interest and quality, something that will help us not to enter the dreaded SPAM folder.

In line with the above, paying attention to our database is another key step to succeeding in our email marketing campaigns. We have to be clear that quality, not quantity, must be pursued at all times.

In other words, it is better to have a few subscribers who are dedicated and interested in the brand than many who discard the emails without even reading them. This can send us directly to the SPAM tray.

Now, none of this makes sense if our website does not have a landing page where we can receive all our potential customers. All the people who land on our website can subscribe and give their data to receive all our news.

Using the best strategies is also the best tip for a successful email marketing campaign. You can refer to articles on email marketing strategies. And see the tips for a successful email marketing strategy.

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Some Benefits of Email Marketing

There is a possibility of increasing the number of potential clients for your business with little investment. Personalization and segmentation ensure that our email marketing campaigns can be personalized. According to the sector of potential clients, they are addressed

For example, direct them to real customers who have already made a purchase or to potential customers who are reading our emails but have not yet decided to buy. This allows the information we send them in our emails to be more attractive and our campaign to be much more successful.

If we talked about the importance of measuring all our marketing campaigns, email marketing allows us to obtain practically instantaneous measurement results.

Email marketing campaign types and tips for success

At this point, we are clear that we want to carry out an email marketing campaign, but which one?
We can answer this question with the objectives that we have set beforehand, as there are different types of campaigns.

Now we will look at email marketing campaign types and tips for successful email marketing campaigns.

invitation campaign:

If the goal you have set for yourself has been to get a greater number of followers, this may be the best option for your brand.

Tip: Create a hook to create interest in subscribing. For example, by creating contests, organizing events, or offering interesting material for them to enter their data and thus increase your database.


They are possibly the best known. Its main characteristic is its periodicity. All newsletter campaigns must have a range of dates on which they are launched. For example, once a week, once a month, etc.
In them, subscribers will be informed of news related to our brand.

Tip: Maintain the frequency with which you send the newsletter and test until you get the most suitable date and time for its launch.

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Information and promotional campaigns:

You have launched something very interesting and innovative that cannot wait for the date of the newsletter or you want to promote it right now among your customers. These may be the best options.

Both are very similar, although they have different nuances. In informative campaigns, you are simply interested in informing people about something, for example, the creation of a blog or a new ebook. The promotion also pursues a clear objective, to sell.

On many occasions, both will go together. Generally, when you launch something new, it is to sell more. For example, if you improve your website, it will be to make it more dynamic and attractive so that your potential customers decide to buy.

Therefore, reporting this and promoting it can go hand in hand.
Tip: Send an email where you explain what’s new and why your followers are interested. Convince them that this novelty is a great opportunity for them.

Campaigns for special dates:

Valentine’s Day, Father’s or Mother’s Day, Christmas, etc. These are specific dates on which we can launch special campaigns.

This type of email, in addition to reinforcing the possibility of making sales, can help us attract new customers who are attracted to our offers.

Tip: Plan what kind of offer you are going to launch and the dates. Do not be caught by the bull!

loyalty campaigns

Do not focus solely on getting more customers or subscribers. Remember, quality is better than quantity.
Therefore, we must not forget to launch loyalty campaigns for current customers. To do this, the best technique is to make them feel special.

Tip: Launch promotions specifically for them, highlighting that they are made for them to reward their loyalty.

pop-up campaigns:

In these campaigns, you take advantage of the traffic you generate on the web to create a customer acquisition system.

Tip: Don’t abandon the campaign as soon as you get the user’s email. The best thing would be to welcome the potential client and offer an offer so that they do not hesitate to stay with us.

How to create a successful email marketing campaign

Customer reactivation campaigns:

When we check the database, we will almost certainly see that many of our customers have not purchased for quite some time. We can launch a campaign with irresistible offers or discounts so that they will make another purchase.

Tip: If after this campaign they do not make purchases, it is better to add them to a different list in our database to send less frequent emails and for different reasons. In this way, we will avoid entering the SPAM list.

Cart abandonment campaigns:

Every online store is concerned about the number of abandoned carts and the reasons that lead their customers to do so.

By launching a campaign of this style, we can find out the reasons by asking customers and encouraging the purchase with two different actions: reminders of a purchase not made and sending discount codes with an upcoming expiration date.

Tip: Whenever you can, try to get feedback from the user to find out what reasons have led him to abandon the cart. Perhaps you are making a mistake that he can clarify for you.

Mistakes to avoid

The top tip for a successful email marketing campaign is to avoid making mistakes in your email marketing campaign. I have already written about tips to avoid mistakes in email marketing. You can refer to them for more knowledge.

And as always, you have to avoid making mistakes like these. Let’s see some top tips for a successful email marketing campaign by avoiding these mistakes.

It is key to promote and offer quality products or services that attract the attention of potential customers and encourage them to be part of our database.

But we can’t promise gold and Moorish. Only offer products or services that you can provide. Otherwise, the potential client will feel cheated and, certainly, he is already lost. In addition, our image can be affected by the negative comments that this person may make about our brand.

Increase graph

Ignore customers.

Customers tend to question the vast majority of the offers they see on the internet (almost always due to experiences similar to those explained in the previous point). This makes them consult the brand in particular, and we should never ignore them.

Cease testing.

A key strategy for these campaigns is the well-known ‚Äútrial and error”. Marketing is not an exact science, and what may go well for one campaign may go wrong for another.

Therefore, it is very important not to stop trying new ideas or strategies. For example, try sending at different times to check at what time our email is most effective.

Send mass emails without database control.

As we mentioned before, we are not looking for quantity, we are looking for quality. This task could be a big mistake for our strategy. The greater the number of emails sent directly to the trash without reading, the chances of landing in the SPAM folder are much greater.

Use the best email service providers for the best database. Use GetResponse, Aweber,, and MailChimp for the best result. If you want to know how to choose an email service provider then click on the link below.

Do not take measurements.

Perhaps it is the most blundering mistake that we can incur. If you are not going to take seriously the measurements of all the actions you carry out, forget about using any marketing strategy because you will never be able to find out which of all of them best suits your brand.

The tests you carry out with your campaign lose all meaning by not measuring which of them is the one that reverts the greatest benefits.



Now you know the top tips for a successful email marketing campaign apply all the tips and tricks in your next email marketing campaign. By applying all these tips you can increase your email opening rate and also return on investment.

I hope you like the top tips for a successful email marketing campaign. If you have any questions then feel free to comment below.

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