What is the best day and time to send an email?

best day and time to send an email?
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Choosing the best day and time to send an email for marketing campaigns is key to boosting your digital campaigns. Learn how to identify these elements.

In times of a pandemic, choosing the best time and day to send email marketing campaigns is the first step to success. What is sought is that our potential clients become openers and clickers. For this reason, choosing the best time and day to send an email is essential to strengthening our digital marketing strategy.

Let us tell you some aspects to take into account so that your strategy achieves a higher opening rate. In this article, you will see the best day and time to send an email. to increase your return on investment (ROI) and also to increase your open rate.

Let’s deep dive into: what is the best day and time to send an email?

What is the best day and time to send an email?

As we mentioned at the beginning, sending emails has become one of the key ingredients of any marketing strategy. In particular, the preparation and distribution of an email or newsletter is one of the most profitable and effective actions. This helps to have a good database of customer emails to give them just what they need.

Of course, there are some key aspects when sending this type of message. For example, the best time for email marketing depends on the type of business and the kind of message you are going to launch.

A message with a promotional tone is not the same as one of an informative nature. Or you can’t also use a random title to identify an attractive and effective title. Also, remember that more than 85% of open emails are sent on business days. An even higher percentage of these, around 90%, received some clicks from readers.

As has been seen in recent years, these percentages are quite high and mark a trend. However, it is important to remember that this is just the first step because you have to transfer those figures to sales.

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But what is the best day and time to send an email to carry out these actions?

The ideal time to manage the sending of email marketing campaigns is in the middle of the week, on the days between Tuesday and Thursday, both included.

Wednesdays, according to various studies, are a good second option in terms of opens and clicks. If you send emails twice a week in that period, make sure you combine Tuesdays and Thursdays. Sending emails on one of those days, other than Wednesdays, will overwhelm customers and they will not read your emails for sure.

In addition, we must add that the best time to send them is first thing in the morning. between 6 and 9 in the morning. There is also the time slot from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m., where many big brands send their products and services.

If you are promoting a campaign, it is advisable not to send a newsletter in the afternoon, because the reception of the mailing does not have the same effect as in the morning, when people pay more attention to it.

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And, what are the least recommended days for sending email marketing campaigns?

On Mondays, users plan their week or read the emails they received on Saturday or Sunday. For that reason, as a general rule, it is best to avoid this day.

Likewise, on Fridays, most people are already tired of reading new emails. So send an email accordingly.

Regarding Saturdays and Sundays, do you read emails during the weekend? Probably not, and the same goes for everyone else, so it’s best to avoid these days in particular.

Variation of hours depending on the type of business

The best day and time to send the newsletter in your email marketing strategy varies depending on your type of company and the product you offer. 

Let’s look at some examples to find the best day and time to send an email.

Electronic commerce (e-commerce) 

Various studies reveal that more purchases are made during the week’s first working days. Therefore, the best time slot to send it would be the one that includes Saturday and Sunday. Of course, it has to be a clear message so that the client has the necessary information about the product immediately.

So e-commerce can get additional sales on weekends. So we need to first think about what is our purpose to send an email. Is it to get more sales or to get traffic to your website? Choose your goal and send an email marketing campaign accordingly.

email pages


These companies generally send emails with content related to the functionality of their product. And that email is directed especially to companies that are potential buyers. 

For this reason, the emails sent from this type of firm should take place during the week and the working hours described. Your readers, who would be at their workplace, must have time to view the email well and assess the usefulness of the purchase.


Client companies generally rely on their B2B service providers. That means emails from these B2B companies will likely be read throughout the week, with the heavy volume on Monday and Tuesday as a result of the buildup of emails from the previous week and over the weekend.

So in B2B, you need to send emails from Monday to Tuesday to get more benefits from email marketing.



In the case of NGOs and other non-profit organizations, the best time to send this content would be the weekend.

Although sending a newsletter may seem simple, the truth is that it has its complexity, especially if what you are looking for is to achieve good results in a short time.

In short, it is essential to think about the recipient and the hours in which they could be looking at their emails. Formulating an email marketing strategy based on user habits, such as the time they read their emails, for example, can exponentially improve their emailing practices.

Another aspect

Although it is important to send emails at the best day and time. Similarly, it is important to choose the right email marketing software to do that. In today’s world of email marketing, there are so many software and tools available. But you need to choose software according to your needs.

I already used MailChimp and SendinBlue and I think these are the best software. Because it has great service and also best customer service and many more. But you need to find email marketing software according to your needs. to know more click on the link below.

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Now you might think what is the best email marketing software? for this question, I have already written an article. To know more about email marketing software click on the link below.

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Now you know what is the best day and time to send an email. Apply all these tips to your email marketing campaign to get more benefits. And don’t forget to check our article on email marketing software.

If you have any questions then feel free to comment below.

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